WAAS Satellite Change

The Current WAAS 138 Satellite is ending transmission and WAAS receivers will need to be switched to WAAS 135.


Vantage America West Support Plan

Our goal has always been to try and support everything we sell in the best way possible.  While providing superior support of precision ag products over the last 15 years, we have discovered something.   We can’t support everything we have ever sold for free, forever.  We also continue to get support calls from folks who have purchased used systems or precision ag products from dealers who aren’t able to provide the level of support that we supply. To solve this problem we are offering the Triangle Ag Support Plan.

  • Free phone support from Triangle Ag Monday-Friday and after hour call backs
  • No additional charge for after hour calls
  • Free in office equipment diagnostics
  • Free loaner equipment for common items (subject to availability) for equipment purchased through Triangle Ag or one of our Partners.
  • Free Classroom Trainings
  • Free Replacement Antenna Cables
  • Discounted on-farm service rates
  • Discounted data processing Rates