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Do you know the condition of your stored grain?

Imagine putting thousands of dollars in a coffee can, setting it outside; and never checking it again until you want to take it to the bank months later.  If that sounds familiar, then think about the last time you checked the stored grain on your farm.  Has mold started invading your money?  Is spoilage starting to occur?

Now there’s a way to check you stored grain condition without climbing up each bin and probing.  Vantage America West is the place to get your OPI Integris grain bin monitoring system.

  • Install temperature only cables, or monitor both temperature and moisture. 
  • Use the handheld StorMax display to monitor readings at the bin site or connect wirelessly with OPI Blue anywhere you have Internet Access.


OPI StorMax is a handheld display that you can plug into the cables and read temperature and moisture of each sensor on each cable.  Battery powered, the StorMax handheld display and cables don’t need outside power or WiFi.

With WiFi at the bin site, OPI Blue components connect the temperature and moisture readings from your cables and make them accessible anywhere you have Internet access.  Check your stored grain conditions from your phone or your home computer, saving you time and money; and you don’t have to climb the bin!




WAAS Satellite Change

The Current WAAS 138 Satellite is ending transmission and WAAS receivers will need to be switched to WAAS 135.