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It's finally here. A protein analyzer that runs on the combine!
(And it measures more than just protein!)

Accurately and repeatedly measures protein, moisture and oil during harvest.

Processes a sample every 4 – 11 seconds, displays results on the display in the combine.

How it works

Remote Sample System Mounting

The Remote Sample System mounts on the outside of the clean grain elevator.  Two holes are cut in the elevator, grain samples flow out of the combine into the sampler and, after the samples are scanned, the grain flows back into the clean grain elevator.

Can be mounted on almost any brand of combine.

Stand alone design means you won’t have to change your current yield monitor.

Inside the Remote Sample Head

In the sample chamber light passes through the grain sample.

The light bounces off the surfaces of the grains or oil seed and propagates through the samples until it reaches the other side.

The emerging light is focused into a fiber optic bundle that transmits the light back to the Near Infrared Spectrometer.

Inside the Spectrometer

Near Infrared energy is absorbed by protein, moisture, oil and starch in the grain and is measured using transflectance technology in the spectrometer.

Calibration models, stored in the analyzer’s memory, converts this data into percent protein, percent oil and percent moisture.

This is the same type of technology used by most large grain elevators and grain labs around the world.

What you see in the cab

The results are displayed in the combine on the touch screen tablet.

The data can be displayed in tabular or map format and includes a moving average, a bin average and a field average.

TeamViewer is installed on all tablet for easy remote support when needed.

Real-Time Protein Mapping

The quality data is geo-referenced using whatever GPS receiver is already mounted on the combine for yield monitoring or steering.

Real time maps give a spatial display of the protein, oil or moisture in your field.

Grain Segregation at Harvest

The CropScan 3300H includes a proximity sensor that is installed near the unloading auger and connected to the Remote Sample Head.

The protein and moisture readings for each load are averaged and displayed on the tablet in the cab.

Higher, or lower protein loads can be stored or shipped separately for more profitable marketing.