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About Triangle Ag-Services

Started as a small, part-time business in 1989, Triangle Ag-Services has always kept their customers at the center of the business.    The founders, Mark and DeImna Heiken both came from farms and farmed in north central Montana for several years.  From their experiences they started and built a company that has supplied crop consulting, crop record keeping and mapping, and currently specializes in bringing the best technology innovations in agriculture to Montana.  As the company grew, so did the relationships with customers and the determination to supply service and support as part of their offerings.  The big distances in between farms in Montana is an advantage to Triangle Ag-Services, since they have learned to support customers over the phone better than most companies can support their customers when they’re charging for a service call to the farm.  It’s that dedication to the customer that has kept them in business for over 25 years, and the relationships that keep customers coming back.  

In addition to their support, Triangle Ag-Services has tried to pick technology manufacturers that bring value to their customers.  By selling quality products, backed with superior support, they are always on the lookout for the next thing that will make their customers more money.  Triangle Ag-Services is proud to be the only Trimble Authorized Reseller for agriculture products in the state of Montana.  They were the first company in the state to install an AutoPilot system with RTK, the first to map weed infestations, and many other innovative applications.  Their product offerings come from Trimble,  Intelligent Ag Solutions, Precision Planting, Yetter, Dakota Micro, Opi Integris, Next Instruments, Ag Leader and others.  

The initial company was Triangle Crop Consulting, with crop consulting services using DeImna’s agronomic training and Mark’s practical expertise.  They added crop record keeping services with a custom database and mapping in the early 1990’s and then made the switch to completely focus on precision agricultural products and services in 2000.  Their son, Brent is taking over the company and expanding into more products to help their customers stay profitable in the current challenging farm economy.  From equipment steering, to variable rate, on combine protein monitors to planter upgrades, Triangle Ag-Services continues to stay at the front of after market agricultural adoption in Montana.