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Why do I get a “No T2” message when using my EZ Steer?

It’s so frustrating to be all ready to go to work, and then get an error message! What the heck is a T2 and what happened to mine?

By Mark Heiken

Over 90% of the time the “no T2” message is caused by a power delivery issue.  When Trimble first came out with the EZ Steer, they still used the cigarette lighter plug that came with the EZ Guide Plus and EZ Guide 500 for power.  Early on we figured out that the cig plug was not a good fit for running the EZ Steer motor.  We had people cut them off and go directly to the battery with a fuse and switch in line.  Later Trimble came with a similar setup.

The most common causes of “noT2” are

  1. Not going to the battery terminals for power and ground. 
  2. A dirty or lose connection between the battery and the system.  This can be in any of the cables, including the Trimble cables.
  3. The switch in the Trimble cable PN 63193.
  4. A bad or corroded fuse. 
  5. Last and definitely least likely is a bad terrain comp box.

If you are getting this message often, it is best to start at the battery and check for dirty or lose connections, working your way to the Trimble system.  You might try plugging the power wire into the optional power connector on the cable just off the terrain comp box.  Sometimes that will fix the problem.  

If you have tried all the above and still have the issue, you can get a loaner SCM to test, if you have a service plan with Triangle Ag.

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