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Section Control

What is Automatic Section Control?

Automatic section control is the ability of the a GPS system to turn sections off in areas an applicator has treated and then turn them back on the when the vehicle is back in an untreated area. This can be done section by section on implements with section control capability, or by the entire width of the implement if it doesn’t have individual section. Section control can also utilize boundaries so that sections turn off when outside of the field boundary.

Why do applicators want Automatic Section Control?

It saves money and makes your life easier! Of course the the amount of money you save depends a lot on the shape of your fields, you’ll save more money on an irregularly shaped field than you will on rectangular blocks. This chart show the savings using different shaped fields. Even on rectangular blocks drivers without Automatic Section Control systems tell us that they remember to turn off a boom section, but sometimes they don’t remember to turn it back on. An Automatic section control system will remember for you.

Do Automatic Section Control Systems really reduce overlap?

The as-applied map on the right is a field belonging to a farmer near Fort Benton. He sprayed 85.17 acres before adding Automatic Section Control and steering. The next time he sprayed, he only treated 61.25 acres. That’s a 28% decrease in the acres sprayed. The cost of adding Field-IQ to your existing GPS system may ve less than you expect, making your savings even greater.

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