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FREE iPad with New System Purchase!

Not just a Blockage Monitor, this wireless system monitors flow too. Find leaking primary hoses, product bridging, meter roll buildup or a leaking cart lid. Reduced cables on the equipment reduces equipment failures.

10 Year Sensor Warranty

We are proud to say that 2021 will mark Intelligent Ag’s 10th Anniversary. In celebration, we’re going to do something BIG. Our Recon Wireless Blockage and Flow Monitor is the product that started it all. In recognition of the great durability of our sensors, we’re going to provide something unmatchable to highlight the quality we guarantee. We’re excited to announce that qualifying acoustic sensors sold in 2021 will be backed by an unbeatable 10 YEAR WARRANTY! New sensors as part of new system sales and even upgrades of current sensors will qualify for this extended warranty. Qualifying is very simple, click the button below to go to the warranty registration page at IntelligentAg and enter your contact and purchase information. A purchase order number from your dealer or a serial number from one of the ECUs included with a new system is necessary for proof of purchase. After submitting the information, you will receive a confirmation email with warranty details.