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The GFX-1060 display is Trimble Agriculture’s latest 10 inch Android-based display for controlling and executing all in-field work through the Precision-IQ field application interface. With faster processing, greater memory and more storage capacity, this robust display makes handling even the most complex farm operations easy.

The GFX-1060 display offers the latest technology available to farmers today, giving operators the ability to do more in their daily field work.

  • Effortlessly share data across the  operation
  • Modular technology designed to grow as business needs do
  • Maximum compatibility and transferability
  • Improve efficiency, accuracy and profitability
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Easy-to-follow workflows
  • Compatible with NAV-500 and NAV-900 guidance controllers
  • Field-IQ, ISOBUS and TUVR functionality
  • 4 product input channels and 48 controlled sections with Field-IQ
  • Supports ISOBUS Universal Terminal
  • Supports ISOBUS Task Controller
  • Prescriptions – multi-layer, multi-file, import .shp and ISO XML
  • AutoSync, Work Orders and Auto Asset Detection Beacons
  • Cutting edge Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities
  • TeamViewer for enhanced in-field support

Compatible Equipment


Steering and Correction Source Option depend on which receiver is paired with the display. Click on a receiver option to see available Steering systems and correction sources.


A Receiver that offers a full range of steering and correction sources.


A small form factor easy to move Receiver

Application Control


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Weedseeker Product B.png

WeedSeeker 2

GFX-1060 Support

WAAS Satellite Change

WAAS/SBAS Correction Satellite 138 that is currently in use will be ceasing transmission and be replaced with WAAS satellite 135. It may be necessary To manually switch satellites in your display to use WAAS 135. For more information and instructions, click the link below.

WAAS 138 Will be off May 17th 2022

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