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Seed and chemical costs do not appear to be coming down fast enough. Putting the proper amount of product in, right where it needs to be, is more important than ever. With a GNSS position and some good measurements, Trimble’s Field-IQ system can help you apply it right the first time, minimizing seed and chemical waste.

Automatic Section Control

Save money with overlap detection. The system turns of in applied areas and turns back on in areas without an application.

Variable Rate Application

Use prescription maps to automatically vary  product rates as you drive across the field. And you can always switch back to straight rate when you need to.

Rate Control

Control liquid products, and seed. The TMX-2050 can control up to 6 materials simultaneously with a manual rate or prescription map.

Compatible Displays


GFX 750 Display Front Runscreen 0002.png


Compatible Legacy Displays

Field-IQ Support


Save firmware to root drive of USB stick. These are only needed with the CFX-750 display, other displays are able to update Field-IQ devices directly from the display.

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