Trimble Protected

Trimble Protected is Advanced and Extended Warranty coverage available for most Trimble ag equipment, like your CFX-750, FmX Integrated Display and EZ-Steer or EZ-Pilot. And like most warranty programs it doesn't seem worth it. Until you need that extra coverage, and then it seems really inexpensive. Luckily Trimble guidance and steering equipment is known for precision and reliability under the toughest agriculture conditions. However, sometimes things do break, and that costs you time and money. Which is why we want to let you know of some important points.

Points to Consider about Trimble Warranties

1. The Trimble CFX-750, FmX, EZ-Guide 250 displays and the EZ-Pilot and EZ-Steer steering system have a TWO year standard warranty. When something breaks under the standard warranty we try to get you a loaner to use until yours is fixed.

2. The EZ-Pilot motor is NOT a repairable item. If the motor fails after the warranty expires, then you will need to purchase a new motor for $3495. This happens rarely, but that doesn't help if you are the one who needs a new motor. Most other expensive items are repairable.

3. You can purchase an Extended or Advanced Warranty only while your system is still covered under warranty.

4. If you purchase an Advanced Warranty during your Standard Warranty period, not only do you get the extra year(s) of protection, but the advantages of the Advanced Warranty begin immediately. For instance, the Advanced Warranty offers Rapid Replacement. If we diagnose a covered problem and Trimble support agrees, we hand you a new item out of our inventory, instead of waiting for something to get fixed.

Trimble Protected Choices

Click here to download the Trimble Protected Warranty Brochure