Save Time and Money This Harvest and Seeding Season

Do you know the condition of your stored grain?

Now is the time to prepare for your upcoming grain storage after harvest. The Grain Management System from OPI-Integris monitors your grain bins to protect that important investment, taking the guesswork out of your stored grain condition. Now you will know what the temperature and moisture conditions are inside the bins, preventing costly losses due to spoilage from hotspots or insect damage.
Durable and accurate cables contain sensors for temperature only or sensors for temperature and moisture. Hang the sensing cables in your bins before you fill them and then you can look at the results using a StorMax handheld or OPI Blue. The OPI Blue wireless solution takes monitoring a step further by alerting you via email or text when conditions in your grain bins are exceeding the limits that you've provided. The StorMax handheld lets you connect at the bin site, even for bin sites that don't have power.
Don't lose precious profits by not monitoring your grain bins. Give us a call to get cables in your bins before harvest!

Avoid Downtime and Frustration in the Field

Quit being a data hoarder! Triangle Ag-Services can get your Trimble displays cleaned out and ready for spring 2015. Monitor Prep includes cloud backups, hardware evaluations and more. Monitor Mapping is a quick and easy way to start crop record keeping on your farm. You don't have to learn a new computer program, we'll create your field boundaries and load them onto your displays for you. Improve your farm management now by bringing in your Trimble displays.

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