Trimble TMX 2050 Advantages

The TMX 2050 from Trimble adds the features that Montana farmers have been asking for. A big, bright touch screen makes it easy to see and easy to use, and it comes with big storage for data. No worries about the display filling up, the TMX 2050 has plenty of room. Guidance lines can be easily managed right on the display. Add lines, move lines, delete lines, name and rename those lines, right on the touch screen. Record keeping is easier too, the client, farm and field names are selected from pick lists when you start your field.

The TMX 2050 is ready to go to work with your EZ-Steer, EZ-Pilot or AutoPilot, select the steering that works best for your operation. It is Field-IQ compatible, so it will save you money as it turns on and off individual boom sections will spraying. The TMX 2050 is powerful enough to operate your air seeder with Field-IQ, even with variable rate. Give Triangle Ag-Services a call to find out more, 406-622-3887.

Don't settle for ordinary grain prices, measure your quality and improve profts!

When grain prices are low, that's the time to improve your quality and improve your bottom line. The CropScan 3000H On Combine Protein Monitor mounts on your combine and will measure your protein and moisture approximately every 7 - 11 seconds as you drive down the field. Wheat growers that measure quality can gain bonuses or avoid penalities when they see the average protein of each combine load before they dump that load. Barley growers may be able to avoid contaminating a valuble malt barley bin by moving a high protein load to a different storage bin. Whether you choose to segregate or just track where those loads are going, the quality information will make a difference in marketing.

Connect the analyzer to your GPS receiver and the result is protein maps across your field. The protein data layer may be your missing link in determining your optimal fertilizer application. Too much nitrogen, not enough nitrogen? Maybe your limiting factor isn't nitrogen at all, but you can't see the problem, because you can't see the quality. The CropScan 3000H provides a powerful layer of data that farmers have never had access to before.