Avoid Downtime and Frustration in the Field

Quit being a data hoarder! Triangle Ag-Services can get your Trimble displays cleaned out and ready for spring 2015. Monitor Prep includes cloud backups, hardware evaluations and more. Monitor Mapping is a quick and easy way to start crop record keeping on your farm. You don't have to learn a new computer program, we'll create your field boundaries and load them onto your displays for you. Improve your farm management now by bringing in your Trimble displays. Special introductory pricing if we get your display into our office before December 31, 2014!

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Trimble EZ-Steer: Same great performance, new low price

Are you tired of moving your EZ-Steer from one vehicle to another, saving and loading configurations, moving cables? Or perhaps you've been waiting for the price to go down to get your first guidance and steering system? Trimble has reduced the price of the popular EZ-Steer system, dropping the retail price by $1350! The EZ-Steer operates on hundreds of vehicles, old and new, steering vehicles that other brands just can't handle. The most portable of any of the steering systems, with the new low price, you only need to move it when you sell the vehicle. Call now to add a new Trimble EZ-Steer assisted steering system to your farm for a new low price.